Who We Are

The Global and Multicultural Committee is composed of a passionate group of scholars dedicated to fostering research, teaching, and industry exchange about global and multicultural advertising. As a committee, we seek to develop and maintain relationships with scholars, educators and practitioners from around the world, gather relevant resources that will support scholars’, educators’, and practitioners’ work, and serve as a welcoming hub for discussion about issues concerning global and multicultural advertising.

Why We Are Global

Our committee uses the term global broadly to indicate all regions of the world engaging in advertising communication, research and/or teaching. The breadth allows for advertising that focuses within both a specific country as well as advertising issues across different cultures and countries with varied economic development, market complexities, media availability, legal restrictions, languages, and consumer preferences. The focus of interest could be anything from structural issues within an industry affecting advertising from one country to another to psychological, sociological, or demographic similarities or differences within or across nations.

Why We Are Multicultural

Our committee uses the term multicultural broadly to indicate an interest in research, teaching and industry practices across varied markets impacted by cultural differences (and similarities). “Varied cultures” include ethnic specific advertising as well as racial but also can include cultural aspects based on language, food preferences, religion, sexual orientation, GLBTQ issues, age, gender and so on.

Our Mission

The mission of the Global and Multicultural Committee is to promote and facilitate the American Academy of Advertising’s role as a leading forum for sharing knowledge about scholarship, education and practice in multicultural advertising.

What We Do

The committee will develop and propose initiatives to:

  1. Extend the global footprint of the academy through advertising conferences, meetings, workshops, research and teaching techniques practiced around the world
  2. Promote global and multicultural interests of academy members by identifying opportunities to expand research, teaching, networking and professional development
  3. Strengthen the academy’s relations with peer advertising associations around the world
  4. Encourage growth of international membership in the academy
  5. Foster collaboration with professors from other countries to develop global and multicultural research skills and participate in teams doing  global/multicultural research
  6. Create an online clearing house/global information resource center for the study of global and multicultural advertising research and practice
  7. Encourage internationalization of marketing communication/advertising/PR/ IMC programs in U.S. universities

Initiatives & Resources

Need some ads to illustrate that brilliant international advertising lecture or looking for a quick sample syllabus? Looking for a research partner to start a dream project? Want a quick overview of research done in the area of multicultural, international, and cross-cultural advertising?

Welcome to the AAA Global and Multicultural advertising resource page. We are your one-stop-shop (or take-off point) for all things global and multicultural in advertising teaching, research and professional activities.

We hope you find the site useful and visit often. Of course, as an all-volunteer committee we cannot do it all without your help. If you would like to get involved in growing this valuable resource, we would love to hear from you. Send us your ideas, web links, examples, requests, or international advertising related materials at [email protected].

Research Databases

    • International Scholars Database (Updated 11/2022)
    • Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Scholarship Database (Updated 3/2023)
    • Overview of articles on Multicultural / International / Cross-Cultural Advertising (2006-2020) HERE (Updated 03/2023)
      • The database contains articles from the following journals: 
        Journal of Advertising, Journal of Interactive Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research, International Journal of Advertising, and Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising
    • Ph.D. student and Early Career opportunities HERE (Updated 11/2022)
Teaching Database
    • Sample course syllabi (for an overview click HERE)
      • ADV 4400 International and Cross-Cultural Advertising PDF
      • ADVT 438/838 Global Advertising PDF
      • ADV 6405 International Advertising PDF
      • ADV 6374 International Advertising PDF
      • International Advertising in a European Context PDF
      • COMM 480L Seminar: International Advertising PDF 
      • PRAD 335 Advertising & Society PDF
      • PRAD 335 Diversity and Current Issues in PR and Advertising PDF
      • JOU 613 International Strategic Communications PDF
      • J534 Diversity and the Media PDF
      • BADM 584 Global Marketing PDF
      • ADV476/590 Global Advertising PDF
    • Overview of articles on Multicultural/ International/ Cross-Cultural Advertising teaching ( 2006-2020) HERE updated (01/2023)
Ads Database
    • Overview of Existing Advertising Databases HERE (Updated 12/2022)
    • Global and Multicultural Ads Database HERE
    • Advertising in different countries/cultures:
      • Advertising in Asia HERE
      • Advertising in Europe HERE
      • Advertising in Africa HERE
      • Advertising in North America HERE
      • Advertising in the Middle East HERE
      • India by Hemant Patwardhan PDF
      • India by Sidharth Muralidharan PDF
      • Russia by Olga Shabalina PDF

Committee Members


Chair: Chen Lou, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore ([email protected])

  • Jun Heo, Louisana State University
  • Jooyoung Kim, University of Georgia
  • Sydney Chinchanachokchai, University of Akron
  • Jiyoon (Karen) Han, San Diego State University
  • Jong-Hyuok Jung, Texas Christian University
  • Sun-Young Park, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Anan Wan, Kansas State University
  • Tao (Tony) Deng, DePaul University
  • Jaejin Lee, Florida State University
  • Fang (Faye) Yang, Grand Valley State University
  • Shiyun Chloe Tian, Sacred Heart University
  • Khalid Alharbi, Al Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University
  • Juan Mundel, Arizona State University
  • Yuhmiin Chang, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Past Years Members

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