Journal of Interactive Advertising Awards

Best Article

Joonghwa Lee, Soojung Kim, Chang-Dae Ham, Ayoung Seok
“Avoidance and Acceptance of Native Advertising on Social Media: Applications of Consumer Social Intelligence, Persuasion Knowledge, and the Typology of Consumer Responses” 

Michelle Nelson, Chang Dae Ham, Eric Haley, and Un Chae Chung - Click here to access interview. 
"How Political Interest and Gender Influence Persuasion Knowledge, Political Information Seeking, and Support for Regulation of Political Advertising in Social Media," 21(3), 225-242.

Joseph T. Yun, Brittany R. L. Duff, Patrick T. Vargas, Hari Sundaram, Itai Himelboim
"Computationally Analyzing Social Media Text for Topics: A Primer for Advertising Researchers" - 20(1), 47-59

Chen Lou and Shupei Yaun
"Influencer Marketing: How Message Value and Credibility Affect Consumer Trust of Branded Content on Social Media" - 19(1), 58-73

Ginger Rosenkrans and Keli Meyers
"Optimizing Location-Based Mobile Advertising Using Predictive Analytics" - 18(1), 43-54

Nathaniel J. Evans, Joe Phua, Jay Lim, and Hyoyeun Jun
"Disclosing Instagram Influencer Advertising: The Effects of Disclosure Language on Advertising Recognition, Attitudes, and Behavioral Intent" - 17(2), 138-149

Jonathan van 't Riet, Arief Hühn, Paul Ketelaar, Vassilis-Javed Khan, Ruben Konig, Esther Rozendaal and Panos Markopoulos
"Investigating the Effects of Location-Based Advertising in the Supermarket: Does Goal Congruence Trump Location Congruence?" 16(1), 31-43

Saleem Alhabash, Anna R. McAlister, Chen Lou, and Amy Hagerstom
"From Clicks to Behaviors: The Mediating Effect of Intentions to Like, Share, and Comment on the Relationship Between Message Evaluations and Offline Behavioral Intentions" - 15(2), 82-96

Nathaniel J. Evans
"Pinpointing Persuasion in Children's Advergames: Exploring the Relationship among Parents' Internet Mediation, Marketplace Knowledge, Attitudes, and the Support for Regulation" - 14(2), 73-85